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Xara Xtreme Introduction – overview of new features

Gary Priester has put together a wonderful tour of all the new features in XaraXtreme. Go have a drool … If you have always believed that vector graphics and bitmap graphics software should be kept at arm’s length from each

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pLog has officially become LifeType

I must’ve just caught the site, literally, the minute they were switching over … one moment I still had the old pLogWorld website – a minute later I refresh and there is the LifeType page! You can also reach the

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Best Firefox Extensions

rambleschmack has compiled a definitive list (as far as anything is definitive … and what sort of name is rambleschmack anyway?). I happen to agree with a lot on his list.

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HTML Validator Plugin for FF 1.5

is now available (version 0.7.6) and works! I hadn’t realised how much I relied on this one. Especially if you check code and templates a lot. It’s right at the top of my must-have extensions.

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Benchmarking Weblog Software

The results in a nutshell: – Lightpress has the edge (without any caching plugins) and Textpattern comes in second, then Serendipity and finally WordPress. – Textpattern comes in first with caching plugins enabled (although there is none for Lightpress). –

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Open-source Software for Windows

Great: My Open Source – an organised listing for Windows-compatible OSS.

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Google homepage – not cheesy

A personalized Google homepage?? How cheesy, I thought. Remember all those portals a few years ago, all trying to get you to use them as your homepage. Netscape, from memory, was particularly gruesome. But as soon as I looked at

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