Joining the stampede

Got the invite and couldn’t resist. My powers of resistance are very weak where WP blogging is concerned.

Another thing that’s very weak is my ability to get beyond the setup-config-design-tinker-moredesigntinkering stage. My various domains and blogs testify to this state of affairs. So this is really blogger manna: all ready to go and nothing to worry about. Yippee – someone else is doing endless upgrades, tinkerings and plugin configs!

Then, there’s the parcel-unwrapping elation of sauntering over to your blog, to find … yet another delicious tweak or added feature; or, for good measure, something not working right. Things are happening all the time … but I’m not responsible! I don’t have to beat my head on my laptop and cry woe. = StressRelief.

Now to the rather trivial question of: what the heck am I going to blog about? If I blog too much, will there be anything left over for my (non-functional) other blogs? Talk about worrying about blogging before anything has been blogged yet … heh.

Owen Winkler thinks it’s all just silly peer pressure, and I guess to some extent he’s right. But there is something exhilarating about being part of a blogging crowd that’s cool – not the name-dropping sort of cool, but cool because they write cool blogs, with interesting and surprising stuff. Blogs like the ones I’ve got in my sidebar … eh? Haven’t done that yet! Better get my skates on then. 🙂


I live on Android and game on PlayStation, Nintendo and PC. The PS VITA is my favourite console. My job: poodle mum.

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