Must read Zeldman more regularly … otherwise you just miss so much zingaling stuff.

Saw – fell for it in, oh – 20 seconds – and joined up. Now I’m waiting – waiting – for my beta developer status to come through. Heaven knows I’m not even a pint-size programmer … but I just want to play a bit, cloning apps and then prodding around them to see if I can tweak anything at all and not make it break. Yea. Such delicious tag soup over there!

Update 15 October:

Received an email from Ning saying that:

In the meantime, we wanted to let you know we are approving Beta Developer accounts as quickly as we can and plan on opening the funnel faster over
the next few weeks now that we have a better sense of what we can support.

They must be overwhelmed, and I dread to think what load the servers have to cope with. Thanks for sending such a polite message, guys – much appreciated.

Update 26 October:

I got my beta developer status a few days ago … but as fate would have it my hands are tied at the moment with lawyer stuff, dog stuff and work catch-up. Playtime will have to wait. 😦


I live on Android and game on PlayStation, Nintendo and PC. The PS VITA is my favourite console. My job: poodle mum.

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