Adding a photo to your post: HowTo for newbies

Should be easy-peasy, eh?

Go on … laugh! Laugh all you like 😀 – it took me a while to get that yawning poodle photo incorporated into my About page! LOL 101: Add a Pic to your Post

  1. Make sure you have the Visual Rich Editor enabled under Options-> Personal (it’s on by default, I think … but of course I normally have it switched off cause I prefer that).
  2. Go to Write Post (or Page) as usual and enter your title, tick your category and write (if you want to) in the text box. Save and Continue Editing (!just in case something goes wrong, because this visual editor – TinyMCE – is superduper but can still play funnybunny occasionally!)
  3. Click on the Upload Photo tab (below the text box) and … well, upload your photo. The main thing is that you hit that Browse button, and then that Upload button! Your photo will appear magically as a thumbnail representation under the Browse Attached tab.
  4. Now you have a big (heh) decision to make: Do you want your photo to appear as a thumbnail or full-size in your post? If you choose thumbnail, then you can still click on that in the post to take you to the full image. – Let’s assume for now that you want the photo in all its glorious size (as I did with my yawning poodle). There are several ways of doing this, but this method I found to work more fool-proofly than the others.
  5. Click on that wee thumbnail right there in the photo dock – a transparent panel will pop up with the cryptic items “Thumbnail On”, “Subpost On”, “Delete” and “Close”. Click on Thumbnail so that it now says “Off” instead of “On”. Then click “Close”. Poof … panel gone. 🙂
  6. We’re getting there, honestly! Click inside your text box and position the cursor where you want the top left corner of your pic to appear. Now take a squizz: do you think that box is gonna be large enough to accomodate your photo in its full size? If not, just grab a hold of that cute handle (bottom right of text box window) and pull it down until it’s big enough.
  7. Now comes the fancy-pantsy enjoyable bit: Drag that photo from the dock into your post. Voilà. It sports a blue border (a bit like in a photo editing program!) and if you like, you can re-size the pic (click on it first) by pulling at the corner handles.
  8. Save and Continue Editing : Have a look at the Post Preview. Looks like how you want it?
  9. Finish your post and hit Publish!

[edited 2.11.05] A few footnotes:

This was my first foray into tussling with the photo dock features, so it’s entirely likely that I will have missed some obvious feature or functionality.

  • Why not just leave the “Thumbnail” setting “On” and then just resize the photo inside the text box? Because this way, you can be sure that your photo will appear with its correct dimensions. If you drag the thumbnail into the post (with “Thumbnail On”) and then try to resize your photo, you can end up with a mess (trust me!).
  • The “Subpost” setting had me confused for a while … until I realised: If it’s set to “on”, your photo will be referenced with a subpost ID. If it’s set to “off”, your file reference will be what I call ‘neutral’ – you have a proper permalink for your photo and can use this to reference it anytime, anywhere. Needless to say, I prefer using this latter option; so much more flexible!

Update 9 Nov: Definition of subpost

Also appearing soon is the ability to leave a comment on any individual image hosted on WordPress! When you upload a photo to, a post is created with the title and description you typed in. At the top of the post is your photo, followed by the description and the comment form. We call that a subpost.
Andy Skelton: WordPress Likes Flickr


I live on Android and game on PlayStation, Nintendo and PC. The PS VITA is my favourite console. My job: poodle mum.

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