Flock so far …

No, I haven’t installed it.
I don’t need to – I’ve got my WP.com account. 🙂

OK, joking aside: I normally jump at anything that’s beta or, even better, alpha. But in this case … nah. It’s a case of protecting what you’ve got.
(This post was updated 29 October)
I’ve got (right now) only one fully working internet-enabled computer, and I’m not going to risk having possible instability through wonky software. I rely on this machine, and in particular on my browsers, working as they should. Flock is just not enough of a ‘must-have’ right now for me to run that risk.

Not many blog posts about the new nirvana of browsing have struck me as memorable, but here are a few to chart reactions:

Why Flock? by Richard@Home
Flock Soars Like An Ostrich
Selling ideas, Marketing For Lifestyle Business 101

I know, I know … flocksucks really shouldn’t be referenced – he’s too desperately trying to be outrageous. But once in a tiny while, he’s actually got something worthwhile to say.

Which leaves all the hyperbolic fan posts about Flock, well, out in the cold, for the moment.
So be it.
I have not read anything so far that showcases functionality and ease of use that I can’t achieve myself quite easily through some Firefox extensions, tweaking, or …dare I say it …just plain old-fashioned DIY.

One thing I have noticed, though: the number of blogs appearing here at WP.com which are little more than one-post-wonders. They all just say that “this is a test post with Flock”, and how wonderful it is, and “be sure to download it – you also get a free wordpress.com blog with it!”
Call me suspicious, possums, but this does look just a teeny bit like … friends/associates drumming the Flock drum the easy way. No, I won’t name any blog names, because if I pick out one, it’s bound to be the one innocent one in the pile.


I live on Android and game on PlayStation, Nintendo and PC. The PS VITA is my favourite console. My job: poodle mum.

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