Google homepage – not cheesy

A personalized Google homepage?? How cheesy, I thought.
Remember all those portals a few years ago, all trying to get you to use them as your homepage. Netscape, from memory, was particularly gruesome.

But as soon as I looked at the Google version (you need an account, obviously, like a Gmail account) and started playing around with … well, once you’re in play mode, you’re hooked.

I’m actually finding this homepage quite useful. It helps that there’s the Google trademark ‘no clutter’ approach. I hate clutter, which is why I ran screaming from all the other portal homepages.
You can add all sorts of items (news, bookmarks, gmail watch); you click ‘Add’ and then you can drag the item into the position where you want it on the webpage. Cool stuff – I guess this is done via Ajax?
The best thing of all is the Add Content -> Create a Section: Here you can enter any web address which puts out some kind of feed and the news feed will appear instantly on your homepage.

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