Akismet – behold your spam crusher

Matt has announced Akismet – but the best overview at this point comes from Michael Hampton: Automattic Kismet.

I have been using Michael’s Bad Behaviour for a while now, and I’ll take his word for it that running a combo of the two will provide the best protection.

Lunacy Unleashed? That’s actually a pretty good descriptor for what spam is.
Eerie choice of blog name, Michael 😉

WordPress.com Women

Not sure how I managed to miss this great post until now:
Women of WordPress.com – Share the love

Seems like wordpress.com is geekgirl central … not surprising really, especially when you think about how a ‘by invite’ technique works.

In my case, I decided to leave my ‘other’ topics (i.e. the ones about ‘normal life’ hehe) for my other blogs, and focus on the daily sweep through the webdev community here.
Just the way it worked out.

10 + 12 Ajax Applications

OK, I haven’t looked at all of them …
Top 10 Ajax Applications
but the one that really grabbed me – that was instantly usable and useful – was: deliciousdirector.
Just follow the simple 5 How Do I Use It? steps.
This presupposes, of course, that you have a hefty volume of delicious links to thus analyse and categorise. You do, don’t you …?
Anyway – I love it 🙂 – it appeals to the librarian within me. 🙂

Almost forgot: my delicious links are here.

All E-Mail Sucks?

Looks like there is lots to think about when choosing an email client on the Mac platform … no different to Windows in that respect.
All E-Mail Sucks

That’s the only really truly awkward transition I’m facing: How to get my mail from my Windows client to a future Mac client?
I’ve been using the awesome (but flawed) TheBat! for as long as I can remember (that’s 1997). This means the mail database is locked into a proprietary format.
Ugh … I’m not gonna think too much about it now, or I’ll scream.
Another reason (or: nail in the coffin) for turning away from commercial/proprietary formats and to open-source file formats.