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The <!–more–> Quicktag is working! It’s working!

Shout it from the rooftops: Yippe-dee-doo-dah, the more tag is functioning! 🙂 🙂 Oh, man, am I a happy camper right now. I wish the person who fixed this bug would put his/her hand up, so I can kiss

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Update: SessionSaver for Firefox 1.5

New version: For me, this link worked: sessionsaver- The latest discussion, tips etc. as always at the MozillaZine Forum.

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Flock so far …

No, I haven’t installed it. I don’t need to – I’ve got my account. 🙂 OK, joking aside: I normally jump at anything that’s beta or, even better, alpha. But in this case … nah. It’s a case of

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Successful test install of Typo

I can’t believe it really worked … I’m still chuffed 🙂 Typo is weblog software that runs under Ruby on Rails. Dreamhost recently made this technology available to their account holders. Since I happen to have an account (mainly for

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Web Designers: Embrace your bottoms!

It’s time we designers start thinking about page footers as part of the experience design of a complete site. The bottom of a page is the kiss at the end of the date – and we’re making sites that end

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Akismet – behold your spam crusher

Matt has announced Akismet – but the best overview at this point comes from Michael Hampton: Automattic Kismet. I have been using Michael’s Bad Behaviour for a while now, and I’ll take his word for it that running a combo

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Hanging out in the prostate

“Lycopene accumulates in the prostate. That’s its favorite place to hang out,? explained Holly Hantz, an undergraduate who is doing research on lycopene’s effects. Does lycopene reduce the risk of prostate cancer?

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