Xara: new tutorials

From the Xaraxone November News:

The recent release of Adobe Illustrator CS2 introduced a new feature that has created waves of hype and interest. The feature in question is the Live Trace, which can be used to convert bitmaps and other raster images into vector shape compilations. Many Xara users may realize that this sounds remarkably similar to the Bitmap Tracer that Xara has offered for the last decade. Xhris provides a useful comparison between the different methods in this month’s Guest Tutorial.

The guest tutorial is well worth reading; and Gary Priester’s November Tutorial is particularly detailed, to help new users become familiar with Xara. It also shows off the new Xara Live Effects.

The visual editor – TinyMCE

I found myself agreeing with this post: Visual Editing still needs work.

It really now begs the question as to whether TinyMCE is the right choice for a rich text editor. How on earth are they gonna fix this mess? It would probably take a lot of collaboration with the TinyMCE team – lots of time and work. Just wondering when is the right point to cut your losses …

I can only assume the WP team have looked into the other options out there.
FCKEditor seems to be almost overkill, for my personal taste; I have to say I like the look of XStandard – maybe I’ll find the time to give it a test run.

Akismet was updated

I noticed that during the subversion updating at one of my WP blogs, new files (called “external”) were fetched for akismet. When checking my Plugins section, I found I had two akismets: one version 1.03 and the new version 1.11. I had to deactivate the old and activate the new.

Not a big deal. Just wondering whether in future they might make it so clever that it automatically supplants the old version. However, since there is the tiny issue of plugin activation involved … hmmm, just thinking out loud here: Maybe it would pay in future, when updating via svn, to first deactivate akismet. Make sense?