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Xara: new tutorials

From the Xaraxone November News: The recent release of Adobe Illustrator CS2 introduced a new feature that has created waves of hype and interest. The feature in question is the Live Trace, which can be used to convert bitmaps and

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PhotoPress plugin: updated to 0.73

A minor but very useful update: Photopress 0.73.

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Configuring Your OS X Unix Environment

Handy chapter available from a book by Matisse Enzer: Unix for Mac OS X: Visual QuickPro Guide

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Title field now offers pop-down access to previous post titles

Just noticed this. How curious! It’s rather like the browser address bar history of URLs. But: Why would I want to repeat a post title I have already written? Only if I wanted to write a follow-up to the original

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The visual editor – TinyMCE

I found myself agreeing with this post: Visual Editing still needs work. It really now begs the question as to whether TinyMCE is the right choice for a rich text editor. How on earth are they gonna fix this mess?

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Akismet was updated

I noticed that during the subversion updating at one of my WP blogs, new files (called “external”) were fetched for akismet. When checking my Plugins section, I found I had two akismets: one version 1.03 and the new version 1.11.

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Adhesive plugin updated to v. 3 – it’s a beauty

Owen the Busy 🙂 has updated his popular plugin Adhesive (providing sticky posts – see my previous post too) and I can confirm it’s working great. A test post to demonstrate is at FussyPoodle. A screenshot of the Config options

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