Firefox 1.5 buggy: insert image dialog box is cut off

Using the insert/edit image tag, Firefox pops up a dialogue box that looks like this:

Pretty useless really …
BTW, the same ‘cut off’ thing also happens with the insert/edit link – it’s unusable. Is this a Firefox bug – or a problem with the visual editor?

Oddly, IE6 (!) does show the dialogue box correctly. But IE6 can’t cope with the wizzbang Photo uploading/attaching dock.

At the moment, adding a picture to your blog is rather limited in functionality. The whole thing is tied into posting: You can add (i.e. associate) a pic to a specific entry; and you can from then on use that pic in other posts (or even a link). But you can’t simply upload photos into a ‘holding dock’ and then access them when/where you want/need. I’d really love to see that functionality integrated.
Update: Actually, that was a really silly and tired comment – of course you can upload photos without associating them with a specific post. But it’s kind of counter-intuitive, having to go to Write Post to do so. I would still favour a ‘media dock’ that’s independent of writing posts … maybe under Manage?

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