We All Love Donncha : a new Society

I herewith formally propose, and invite your vote of support for, the formation of the We All Love Donncha Society (WEALDS for short).

The reason should be pretty plain obvious – but I’ll give you yet another instance of the WP Knight who came to rescue a <cough>elderly damsel</cough> in distress.

Yesterday, I was reduced to a blushing wreck – embarrassed beyond belief – my aura of geekdom was crumbling before my husband’s (non-geek) eyes. How could it have come to this parlous state of affairs??

He was unable to post a comment on my blog. A humble comment … shut out!
What sort of blog was this? he asked. Not much of a blog, if he couldn’t enter into this ‘dynamic interactivity’ stuff I kept talking about. Hrrmph.

I had to act – and fast.
And I knew the best way to draw attention to my predicament: the Feedback form!

Yes, that disarmingly jovial “Hugs and Bugs” box. It had worked before. Even though you feel like you’re sending your very personal distress calls out to some anonymous wordpress.com mailbox (oh no – perhaps set to empty itself to /dev/null …??), in fact there’s an equestrian team lined up behind that mailbox (all steeds happen to be white), snatching up those cries of “Help me!” while grabbing their lances, jousts and plumed helmets, then gallopping off to slay Dragon Bug #427.
Betcha didn’t know that little tidbit of WP.com trivia, eh?

My faith in the feedback form was confirmed.
My geek aura is back in place, where it belongs.
And Donncha dusts off his leather jousting gloves, winks, and rides off to fight yet another battle.
Ahh. 🙂
Nice story … Update: but it’s just a story I’m afraid. There was no bug. Only silly old me bug.
When you’ve done as many WP installs/configs as I have, you’ll understand. One of the first switches I pull is under Options -> General: “Users must be registered and logged in to comment”. It’s like a knee jerk reaction.
Of course, once you do that… and there’s no provsision for people to actually register (at wordpress.com blogs) … you have a problemo.
Which is pretty much what happened.
And Donncha was so polite about it … it’s almost unbearable. That guy is not for real.
Has anybody actually seen him, with their own eyes? Like: does he have wings or a halo?

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