SPIP – a content management system

I’ve known about SPIP for some time; but never evaluated it because it was only available in the original French version. By chance, I noticed that it’s mushroomed into many language versions now, including English, thankfully.
Plus, they operate a Subversion repository, so that makes evaluation on my local machine a cinch. Goody!
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My Essential Tools List

After the last Windows re-install on the laptop, I decided to stay mean and lean and only install software I consider absolutely essential. I started keeping a list, as I hauled my favourite apps onto the hard drive; and thought I might as well share it here.
Since this is not something ephemeral (like your average blog entry), I have dedicated a whole page to it.
You’ll find it under tools.

I’ll keep adding to it and editing it, but there’s enough there I reckon for interest/discussion for now.