SPIP – a content management system

I’ve known about SPIP for some time; but never evaluated it because it was only available in the original French version. By chance, I noticed that it’s mushroomed into many language versions now, including English, thankfully.
Plus, they operate a Subversion repository, so that makes evaluation on my local machine a cinch. Goody!

Why am I interested in this (yet another!) CMS/blog tool? Because it claims to be a bit different from the weblog-centric tools – it is intended mainly for web sites with a magazine-style structure and lots of content to organise.

I am currently (have been for a long time …) working on a community web site which requires both a large content-rich page organisation and a newsy/bloggy type section. I looked into the tools I was most familiar with (drupal, nucleus, pLog and a few others), but always came back to WordPress as the all-round best tool to cover most aspects of what we need. It probably also helps that WordPress happens to be my favourite and the one I know better than any other.

However, I do like to keep my roving eye on the blog tool ball; and if I happen to come across another tool that would serve our purpose even better … well, I’d have to give it serious consideration.

At the moment I find it hard to imagine any tool could beat WordPress, if only for the sheer breadth of the community and the available endless number of hacks, plugins and other goodies.
I’ll report my findings once I’ve had a chance to prod around SPIP a bit.

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