PS+ Games for October 2015

There’s been a lot of criticism and ill feeling about this month’s selection on Playstation’s Plus subscriber service.

PS Plus October 2015 Titles
I want to look at it from a different angle – i.e. not the hoary old “there’s no game there that I want!” personal affront response – but rather at how Playstation is balancing its offering in an attempt at providing something playable for as many subscribers as possible. Not an easy task!

Sony has to support 3 platforms – PS3, PS4 and the VITA – and presumably allocates games roughly in accordance with the subscriber numbers for each platform.

What’s noticeable about October is the number of games available for the ‘legacy’ platform: PS3.  A total of 4 games is playable on the older console (out of a total of 6 games for the month). That’s really quite remarkable. I think it testifies to the immense popularity and resilience of the PS3. Maybe Sony has had some feedback (or checked their stats) from subscribers who still want to have content for this console. The unkind commentator might of course mumble that ‘maybe Sony had a lot of old games lying around that they didn’t know what to do with’!

Whatever the reason, there is a reasonable range available – mechanical puzzler Unmechanical, couch co-op Chariot, light platformer Kung Fu Rabbit and rhythm game Kickbeat – for a variety of play styles.

Yes, there are no award winners or standout games here – but I don’t see any reason for getting hyper-grumpy about this either.

Overall, Playstation seems to go as far as possible for a wide cross-platform range, and that makes sense of course. 4 games are VITA-compatible. Sony may not be giving much first-party support to the VITA any longer … but its wonderful handheld is generally well-supported in the PS+ line-up.

We’ve seen this trend for a while now: Sony goes for balance and wide-spread range in its PS+ monthly games; the Big PS+Titles of the past are gone, and I think they’ll stick with this strategy for the foreseeable future.

Finally, from a personal viewpoint, my pick of the month has to be Broken Age. While Super Meat Boy will keep many hardcore gamers happy, I’m just not a hardcore platformer.