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The state of Vita in 2018 and thoughts on the future in 2019

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My Election2017 Cri de Coeur

I’ve been agonising over which party to vote for ever since the campaign started. I bet I’m not the only one, still dithering over whether/how to vote tactically, two days out from election day. Even if you know which side

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Top 10 Vita localizations that should have happened

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At times I find myself thinking Vita has been far better supported than it should’ve been based on sales – there are some localized games I still can’t believe we got in the west at…

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Bravely Default: How to get good gear fast

I am finally playing Bravely Default. The looming release of Bravely Second kicked me into ‘Why haven’t I played this yet?’ mode and from the moment I started my journey in Luxendarc it just clicked with me.  I am now looking

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Omega Quintet: Side Quests

I’m still in the early stages of the game (just cleared chapter 2) but have run into one snag: quests can and do expire very fast! So definitely only accept a quest when you’re ready to undertake it. I lost

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PS+ Games for October 2015

There’s been a lot of criticism and ill feeling about this month’s selection on Playstation’s Plus subscriber service. PS Plus October 2015 Titles I want to look at it from a different angle – i.e. not the hoary old “there’s

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Bitnami stacks look like a convenient way to quickly test install OS apps.

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