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WooThemes 4-for-1 Special

Here’s how I got my 4 themes: My lucky night. After over 2 years away from WordPress workings, I quickly figured out that with my limited time there’s no way I would be able to catch up with all the

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SPIP – a content management system

I’ve known about SPIP for some time; but never evaluated it because it was only available in the original French version. By chance, I noticed that it’s mushroomed into many language versions now, including English, thankfully. Plus, they operate a

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Serendipity Review by Perun

Perun checks out the Serendipity weblog software (you need to be able to read German). Serendipity is one of the few blog apps I keep updated via subversion on my local machine. It’s an interesting piece of software – but

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pLog has officially become LifeType

I must’ve just caught the site, literally, the minute they were switching over … one moment I still had the old pLogWorld website – a minute later I refresh and there is the LifeType page! You can also reach the

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Benchmarking Weblog Software

The results in a nutshell: – Lightpress has the edge (without any caching plugins) and Textpattern comes in second, then Serendipity and finally WordPress. – Textpattern comes in first with caching plugins enabled (although there is none for Lightpress). –

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Successful test install of Typo

I can’t believe it really worked … I’m still chuffed 🙂 Typo is weblog software that runs under Ruby on Rails. Dreamhost recently made this technology available to their account holders. Since I happen to have an account (mainly for

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Comparing multi-user blog tools: Drupal, Elgg, Manila, Movable Type, WordPress MU and pLog

Multi user blog tools – overall ratings and reviews – not very in-depth, but a useful ‘state of the nation’ snapshot.

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