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Firefox Sidebar Widget

Ruff has concocted a neat sidebar widget which allows you to post to your blog straight from the Firefox sidebar. Advertisements

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Opera 9: one plus, one minus

So far, this is what I really notice: Opera 9 is very ver fast – both launching and retrieving web pages. And, compared with Firefox, it consumes only half the system resources; with equal numbers of tabs open, Firefox packs

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JSCalc – Firefox calculator bookmarklet

Gosh, this is a cool little popup calculator by The Man in Blue: JSCalc. Just remember to enable Javascript for (if like me you have the NoScript extension) to allow it to do its work.

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Better Browsing with Shortcuts: CTRL+E for Google Search

I’m a big fan of shortcuts. Sometimes you discover one by accident. OK, I could read through the Mozilla Help file and try and memorize a whole batch of them … but does anybody do that? I stumbled across CTRL+E

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1-in-10 Now Use Firefox

Gosh, we’ll soon be mainstream 😉 A UK-centric view of browser shares, told with freshness. ScottVR: Here’s what I did to make the firefox google toolbar work under firefox beta 1.4 or 1.5

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Backing Up a Firefox Profile

I’d always wondered whether that would work … just saving a copy of the whole caboodle. And it seems that indeed is the answer: Axlotl explains. Cool. Just remember, if you’re on Windows, that you can’t have Firefox running while

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Firefox 1.5 buggy: insert image dialog box is cut off

Using the insert/edit image tag, Firefox pops up a dialogue box that looks like this: Pretty useless really …BTW, the same ‘cut off’ thing also happens with the insert/edit link – it’s unusable. Is this a Firefox bug – or

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