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I discovered Picasa only recently. Until now (confession time), I’d never used any photo-managing software; I just couldn’t be bothered. But Picasa is nice. It’s very intuitive, does a lot automatically (i.e. doesn’t bother me too much), and has a

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Netvibes makes Google home page look tired

Within 3 minutes of exploring the features at Netvibes I was packing my bags at the Google home page I’d set up not long ago and lugging my stuff across to NV. Not only is the functionality better and easier

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Google Reader

I didn’t know about the Google RSS news reader … why did nobody tell me? But then, there are so many betas knocking around Google, you wonder how they themselves keep track of them all! I’ll try it out tomorrow,

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Google homepage – not cheesy

A personalized Google homepage?? How cheesy, I thought. Remember all those portals a few years ago, all trying to get you to use them as your homepage. Netscape, from memory, was particularly gruesome. But as soon as I looked at

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