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Sample the Icon Buffet

It’s one of those wonderful services I’ve been using for a while – it’s time I should mention it. IconBuffet gives you access you loads (and I mean LOADS) of truly beautiful and professionally-designed icons. I haven’t had any spam

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I discovered Picasa only recently. Until now (confession time), I’d never used any photo-managing software; I just couldn’t be bothered. But Picasa is nice. It’s very intuitive, does a lot automatically (i.e. doesn’t bother me too much), and has a

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Photopress update: 0.83

It keeps getting better and better. I’ve started using it over at FussyPoodle. I’m finding it intuitive – it fits nicely into the blogging workflow – and there’s nothing superfluous in it.

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Xara: new tutorials

From the Xaraxone November News: The recent release of Adobe Illustrator CS2 introduced a new feature that has created waves of hype and interest. The feature in question is the Live Trace, which can be used to convert bitmaps and

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Xara Xtreme Introduction – overview of new features

Gary Priester has put together a wonderful tour of all the new features in XaraXtreme. Go have a drool … If you have always believed that vector graphics and bitmap graphics software should be kept at arm’s length from each

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Free greyscale icons

Ian Main at offers a set of 40 greyscale icons (34x34px) – very nice they are, and very generous of Ian!

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Xara Heaven – Dreams Do Come True

Caught up with the big news in the Xara world: they’re going open-source! I can hardly contain my joy. 🙂 Here is the low-down: XaraXtreme and the announcement by Charles Moir on the TalkGraphics Xara forum: I’m a Windows user,

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