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Noodles sticking to server walls … performance

Noodles? Sticking to server walls? So this is where my blog is hosted … in a place where noodles are thrown against poor old servers! 😀 Right now we’re in noodle mode, throwing things against the server walls and seeing

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Tolerance of Stupid Questions

… and smart people can’t stand stupid questions, whereas newbies can’t do without them. Vishnu Vyas: Why Lisp?

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Are you tethered to the commercial gerbil wheel?

Just because technology makes it possible for us to work 10 times faster than we used to doesn’t mean we should do it. The body may be able to withstand the strain — for a while — but the spirit

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Content can pop blood vessels

When it comes down to it, one of the biggest problems with developing a big site really isn’t the technology, the information architecture or even the design. Nope, in terms of time-sucking, nail-biting, blood vessel-popping problems, content is probably the

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Flickr’s interestingness

But interestingness in Flickr doesn’t pay. At least not yet. Non-pro users are seeing ads around my photos, but Yahoo’s not sharing the wealth with me, even though I’ve created a draw. Flickr’s plenty open, they’re doing the right thing

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Web Designers: Embrace your bottoms!

It’s time we designers start thinking about page footers as part of the experience design of a complete site. The bottom of a page is the kiss at the end of the date – and we’re making sites that end

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Hanging out in the prostate

“Lycopene accumulates in the prostate. That’s its favorite place to hang out,? explained Holly Hantz, an undergraduate who is doing research on lycopene’s effects. Does lycopene reduce the risk of prostate cancer?

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