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The Uniform Server is simply Awesome

I’m a masochist at heart. I used to install everything, bit by bit, configure, test, tweak … until I had a complete WAMP localhost development server. The 4 cornerstones: Apache, mySQL, PHP, phpMyAdmin, and even ActivePerl. Then there were the

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My Essential Tools List

After the last Windows re-install on the laptop, I decided to stay mean and lean and only install software I consider absolutely essential. I started keeping a list, as I hauled my favourite apps onto the hard drive; and thought

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Open-source Software for Windows

Great: My Open Source – an organised listing for Windows-compatible OSS.

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All E-Mail Sucks?

Looks like there is lots to think about when choosing an email client on the Mac platform … no different to Windows in that respect. All E-Mail Sucks That’s the only really truly awkward transition I’m facing: How to get

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Software Fanaticism

We aim to gain customers that are mature and rational and like our products because the products really are good, not just because they have made an emotional investment in them. Being emotionally involved with a piece of software that

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