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Bitnami stacks look like a convenient way to quickly test install OS apps.

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WooThemes 4-for-1 Special

Here’s how I got my 4 themes: My lucky night. After over 2 years away from WordPress workings, I quickly figured out that with my limited time there’s no way I would be able to catch up with all the

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Uniform Server is still awesome

I stepped away from web design well over 2 years ago … and felt relief. Now chance and circumstance has thrown me back into the fray and I find I still have that old excitement and enthusiasm. IOW: I’m having

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The Uniform Server is simply Awesome

I’m a masochist at heart. I used to install everything, bit by bit, configure, test, tweak … until I had a complete WAMP localhost development server. The 4 cornerstones: Apache, mySQL, PHP, phpMyAdmin, and even ActivePerl. Then there were the

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RedAlt: new Support Forums

Asymptomatic Owen has set up a freshly-scrubbed and shiny support site for all his (many) WP plugins and resources. There’s a lot of spiffy functionality there, making registering and using the site a real pleasure. I have already posted there,

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HTML Validator Plugin for FF 1.5

is now available (version 0.7.6) and works! I hadn’t realised how much I relied on this one. Especially if you check code and templates a lot. It’s right at the top of my must-have extensions.

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Successful test install of Typo

I can’t believe it really worked … I’m still chuffed 🙂 Typo is weblog software that runs under Ruby on Rails. Dreamhost recently made this technology available to their account holders. Since I happen to have an account (mainly for

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