WooThemes 4-for-1 Special

Here’s how I got my 4 themes: My lucky night.

After over 2 years away from WordPress workings, I quickly figured out that with my limited time there’s no way I would be able to catch up with all the new, and more complex, innards of WP, and manage to construct a decent website.

I had a quick look around the ‘premium’ professional WP theme services (and there’s some good stuff out there) as well as the few still-free themes or theme frameworks that look professional (Carrington and Thematic caught my eye).

In the end, I settled on WooThemes who impressed me (as far as one can tell without actual access to the themes!) with their combination of feature-rich as well as eye-catching, balanced design. The fact that I got more bonus themes than I had bargained on is … an extra bonus! 😀

Dabbling with Photopress 0.9.4

Unfortunately, photopress 0.9.2 stopped working properly when I updated my WP installation at my PinkBat personal blog via SVN to the latest trunk (revision 5542). So I decided to give 0.9.4 a try …

Yay, it’s working!

However, I continue to have the same issue that’s plagued me for a long time now: If I try to use the Photopress option “use permalinks” (my preference), it doesn’t work. Clicking on the thumbnail (which should take you to the full image) merely causes the page to be reloaded (but with the correct image URL in the browser address bar!).

I have finally worked out that there seems to be some mysterious link between this permalink option and the option Link to album ("The code for inserted images can point to the image in the album or straight to a popup containing the image").

Permalinks do work – but only if I have this Link to album option set to "No".
If I want to point to the images in the album, I have to disable permalinks.
I would dearly love to be able to have both permalinks as well as the album link enabled and working correctly.

SPIP – a content management system

I’ve known about SPIP for some time; but never evaluated it because it was only available in the original French version. By chance, I noticed that it’s mushroomed into many language versions now, including English, thankfully.
Plus, they operate a Subversion repository, so that makes evaluation on my local machine a cinch. Goody!
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The visual editor – TinyMCE

I found myself agreeing with this post: Visual Editing still needs work.

It really now begs the question as to whether TinyMCE is the right choice for a rich text editor. How on earth are they gonna fix this mess? It would probably take a lot of collaboration with the TinyMCE team – lots of time and work. Just wondering when is the right point to cut your losses …

I can only assume the WP team have looked into the other options out there.
FCKEditor seems to be almost overkill, for my personal taste; I have to say I like the look of XStandard – maybe I’ll find the time to give it a test run.