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Firefox Sidebar Widget

Ruff has concocted a neat sidebar widget which allows you to post to your blog straight from the Firefox sidebar. Advertisements

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Phenomenal Speed

I don’t know what switches they pulled here at … but the lags of the past few weeks are gone. I’ve got blistering speed now, and it feels awesome.

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Interview with Matt and Donncha

conducted by Tom Raftery. Podcast is here. I’ll listen to it later, while preparing stuff for the barbie …

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Title field now offers pop-down access to previous post titles

Just noticed this. How curious! It’s rather like the browser address bar history of URLs. But: Why would I want to repeat a post title I have already written? Only if I wanted to write a follow-up to the original

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The visual editor – TinyMCE

I found myself agreeing with this post: Visual Editing still needs work. It really now begs the question as to whether TinyMCE is the right choice for a rich text editor. How on earth are they gonna fix this mess?

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We now have Users/Roles

Cool – now we can add role-based users (admins, editors, authors, contributors, subscribers). Great stuff. If you wanted, you could now use your blog as a group or community weblog.

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Flickr integration for WP

Here are all the gory details: WordPress Likes Flickr As you can see here Browsing Flickr photostreams in WordPress we are building support for Flickr directly into WordPress. When it becomes available on, the feature is activated by entering

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