Etomite: How to add the MySQLDumper Snippet via phpMyAdmin

I am trying to add functionality to a client’s Etomite site, and a script allowing quick and easy database backup through a webpage interface is a real must. Of course, WordPress2 has this built into the admin panel 🙂 … but I digress.

I was unable to save the code snippet via the Etomite admin, and got the helpful suggestion in the Etomite forum to try adding the code directly into the database using phpMyAdmin. This worked a treat.

For those who would like to do the same, but are not very familiar with phpMyAdmin, here are a couple of screenshots and steps to help. But please, be careful!

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Opera 9: one plus, one minus

So far, this is what I really notice: Opera 9 is very ver fast – both launching and retrieving web pages. And, compared with Firefox, it consumes only half the system resources; with equal numbers of tabs open, Firefox packs a wolloping 100,000KB, whereas Opera makes do with about 50,000KB (according to the Windows Task Manager -> Processes – Mem Usage).

But … on the downside, Opera still has huge display issues. Some web sites are not really usable – Google Mail would be the most glaring example. Boy, do they need to work on that back in Norway.

Sample the Icon Buffet

It’s one of those wonderful services I’ve been using for a while – it’s time I should mention it.

IconBuffet gives you access you loads (and I mean LOADS) of truly beautiful and professionally-designed icons. I haven’t had any spam from them – just notifications of new icon sets.
If you have friends who are IconBuffet members as well, you can exchange icons – IOW you can collect sets you may not have snagged before.

Oh, I know… it sounds kinda naff.
But honestly, give it a try. It works and it’s wonderful.

Dabbling with Photopress 0.9.4

Unfortunately, photopress 0.9.2 stopped working properly when I updated my WP installation at my PinkBat personal blog via SVN to the latest trunk (revision 5542). So I decided to give 0.9.4 a try …

Yay, it’s working!

However, I continue to have the same issue that’s plagued me for a long time now: If I try to use the Photopress option “use permalinks” (my preference), it doesn’t work. Clicking on the thumbnail (which should take you to the full image) merely causes the page to be reloaded (but with the correct image URL in the browser address bar!).

I have finally worked out that there seems to be some mysterious link between this permalink option and the option Link to album ("The code for inserted images can point to the image in the album or straight to a popup containing the image").

Permalinks do work – but only if I have this Link to album option set to "No".
If I want to point to the images in the album, I have to disable permalinks.
I would dearly love to be able to have both permalinks as well as the album link enabled and working correctly.

Discussing stats packages

Statistics, Anyone?

Oh yes, the ever popular search for the one stats package to bind them all … the one that will answer all your questions, and do so quickly, humbly, and prettily.
Ha. Gotcha.
There ain’t no such thing.
But: the discussion around Owen’s posting above is good and gives a snapshot of what’s around at the moment and what works (and not) for people.


I discovered Picasa only recently.
Until now (confession time), I’d never used any photo-managing software; I just couldn’t be bothered.
But Picasa is nice. It’s very intuitive, does a lot automatically (i.e. doesn’t bother me too much), and has a good feature set without overwhelming me. I might yet get my pics organised.

This is a good question: When will Picassa go online?
It would make life a lot easier.

SPIP – a content management system

I’ve known about SPIP for some time; but never evaluated it because it was only available in the original French version. By chance, I noticed that it’s mushroomed into many language versions now, including English, thankfully.
Plus, they operate a Subversion repository, so that makes evaluation on my local machine a cinch. Goody!
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